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This podcast is the ninth installment broadcast by Royalton Community Radio in Vermont, a sort of companion soundtrack to Jim's new memoir IN IT FOR THE LONG RUN, his third book about the history of this music. June 14, 2014 Download the whole show here or listen to segments PART I Exposure to Diane Hamilton's anthology of Irish folk music - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem clancybros_ makem_B002U4JO10        
Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton

      larkinthemorning_instrumentalists         Part II The Celtic soul of Joe Heaney heaney_connemara_B00004Z3V5         PART III The keening pipes of Willie Clancy, Plectrum banjo/fiddle tunes, and the voice of Dublin - Ronnie Drew clancy_willie_goldring_B005I0D3AG         dubliners_best_417PD7GXKKL           Playlist Podcast #9
9.01 In It For The Long Run Jim Rooney
9.02 Little Beggarman Sarah/Tommy Makem
9.03 The Cobbler Liam Clancy/Tommy Makem
9.04 Whisky You're the Devil Liam Clancy/Tommy Makem
9.05 Brennan on the Moor Clancy Bros
9.06 The Wran Song Liam Clancy/Tommy Makem
9.07 Kevin Barry Clancy Bros/Tommy Makem
9.08 Jug of Punch Clancy Bros/Tommy Makem
9.09 Eileen Aroon Clancy Bros/Tommy Makem
9.10 A Stor Mo Choi Joe Heaney
9.11 Croppy Boy Clancy Bros/Tommy Makem
9.12 Roisin Dubh Joe Heaney
9.13 Roisin Dubh Willie Clancy
9.14 I Buried My Wife and Danced Willie Clancy
9.15 Milliner's Daughter Willie Clancy
9.16 Cooley's/Dawn/Mullingar Races Sheahan/McKenna
9.17 Fisherman's Lilt/Tobin's/Peggy's Sheahan/McKenna
9.18 Tearing England Down Ronnie Drew
9.19 Auld Triangle Ronnie Drew
9.20 Marino Waltz John Sheahan