woodstock_lorezIn addition to those shown above, the rotating cast of musicians included, at various times: Maria Muldaur, Eric Kaz, Lee Berg, John Sebastian, Ceci Sebastian, John Holbrook, Paul Siebel, George James, Ron Sutton, Rory Block, Andy Robinson, Tony Brown, Gordon Titcomb, Larry Campbell,  and Caroline Sutton Listen/Buy from AMAZON MUSIC FROM MUD ACRES   Rounder 3001  (1974) Music From Mud Acres - Woodstock Mt Revue  wmr_mud_B MORE MUSIC FROM MUD ACRES   Rounder 3018  (1977) More Music From Mud Acreswmr_moremud_B wmr_moremud_GF         BACK TO MUD ACRES  Rounder 3065  (1981) wmr_backwmr_back_B           Woodstock Mountains Revue at THE OTHER END WMREVUEatOTHER END783px