Jim Rooney has spent the past fifty years or so playing, writing, promoting, recording, and producing American folk music – both traditional and contemporary. He is, perhaps, best known these days as the record producer for Nanci Griffith, Iris Dement, John Prine, and many others – a body of work for which he was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the AMERICANA MUSIC ASSOCIATION in 2009.

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This program is the thirty-first installment broadcast by Royalton Community Radio in Vermont, a sort of companion soundtrack to Jim’s new memoir IN IT FOR THE LONG RUN, his third book about the history of this music

April 2015

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John Prine returns from a bout with cancer and revisits some of his past works for the album SOUVENIRS. Then back Ireland to work with singer Sean Keane.





More of Sean Keane, then a return to work with cowboy poet Paul Zarzyski, backed by multi-instrumentalist Jim Hoke and other Nashville pickers.





Old Harvard cohort comes around to do his first studio work for 30 years.





31.01 In It For The Long Run Jim Rooney
31.02 Souvenirs John Prine
31.03 Storm Windows John Prine
31.04 Fish and Whistle John Prine
31.05 When There’s No One Around Sean Keane
31.06 Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears Sean Keane
31.07 Blackbird Sean Keane
31.08 The Poet & The Picker Paul Zarzyski
31.09 For the Stories Paul Zarzyski w/Jim Hoke
31.10 Escorting Grammy To The Potluck Paul Zarzyski
31.11 What I Know Tom Rush
31.12 Too Many Memories Tom Rush
31.13 River Song Tom Rush
31.14 Drift Away Tom Rush